Friday, November 28, 2008

I've Gained...

Besides any weight I might have gained eating holiday goodies ;) I've also gained many things, as a result of my hearing loss and even through the things I miss. Let's get right to it tonight.

I've Gained...

  • a unique relationship with my son...he often is my "ears" and as a result it requires he and I to communicate even more than we normally would...which is a great thing
  • a more compassionate son....he is so tender and aware of other's needs because of my situation. He's also comfortable around anyone, no matter their situation or disability
  • a walk with the Lord that isn't always easy but it is real...some aspects of my walk with the Lord I had always taken at face value, as far as what I believed...the hearing loss and difficulties from it, resulting in my questioning things, and as a result believing because I know why I believe them...not just because that's what I have been told.
  • a thankfulness for life would have been so different even 20 years ago...there are so many amazing ways that technology makes my life easier and allows me to frequently keep in touch with those I love...and there are new products constantly being developed too.
  • I can easily focus in the midst of chaos...noisy restuarant, music blaring...I can't hear it so it doesn't distract me :)
  • I don't have to listen to those pesky telemarketing phone calls!
  • seeing such a tender and amazing side of not only those I know, but also strangers. Just this past week, I went to Sonic (a place I frequent all too often!). I am able to order there over the speaker if I am just getting my normal Route 44 coke. I don't need to be able to hear them on the speaker for that, which I love. The week prior I had gone with Doss after school and gotten a few things there, and the guy taking my order had come out to clarify a couple of things and found out I couldn't hear. Well this past week, it was the same guy, and after I had given my order...he came out to my car and he had written down my order on a piece of a paper, along with what the total would be....just to verify he had it correct and so I would know the thoughtful is that?! I would never have seen that thoughtfulness if I could have easily heard him. People go out of their way to communicate in a kind way to make sure I understand them. I also go to a small group at church and often miss what is discussed. One lady, Emily, is always thoughtful in making sure she sits where I can read her lips and swatting her hubbies arm if he ever blocks his own mouth from my view. :) One lady Brandi, just came up with an amazing and generous idea....she is going to bring her laptop from now on and type throughout the meeting what everyone is saying so I can not only "hear" but also be able to participate....WOW! That is so generous of her to do that...her fingers will be tired. :)
  • I've seen on a daily basis in real and tangible ways the grace the Lord gives me to handle my hearing loss and other issues. He is so faithful...really!!
  • SO much more than I have lost, and I never dreamed I could honestly say that...but I can!
Until we meet again...


  1. That is so very cool about the people in your life group! The Lord is using you in many people's lives in ways you could never know so that we can all learn to slow down and meet others where they are at. I love the sonic story....very nice young man!

    I forgot to tell you that Tyna has 2 art students that are deaf. She is learning all kinds of new ways to communicate with them and it has made such a difference for those kiddos.

  2. It sounds like you have an abundance of blessings to balance out the things you miss. I look forward to meeting you some day. I Like this picture of you on your blog.

  3. wow Jill, i love the first paragraph,
    (i loved it all, really)
    about ur relationship with ur son...
    the communication is surely straightening ur cool!
    i had never visited ur blog b4 tonight, but i bookmarked it, ill be back! ;-)

  4. you need to post! :)

  5. Okay, Miss "Anonymous" ;) I did :)